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More advice about rekindling desire after kids

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

You ladies gave me really good advice when I recently posted about having a crush on another man. I don’t think the crush will go anywhere and I’m working through my feelings about it and taking a class from a different instructor. My problem is I still don’t feel ...


Strep throat fever that won’t go away

M. J. asks from Tomball

My son got diagnosed with strep last Friday. His doc gave Amoxicillin and we started that Friday. Been taking it for 4 days (Monday now) and he still has high fever and chills. Took him back to the doc today. We did xray and flu test to rule out flu and pneumonia. They c...


Cleaning up after your child in fast food play area?

J. P. asks from Los Angeles

Hello mothers I was at my local fast food play area in the morning with my 4 year old meeting another mother friend. While my child was seating in the high seat in play area she reached for my soda drink while i wasn't looking and it got spilled on to the table and fl...


13th Birthday - What did you do to mark the significance?

G. . asks from Springfield

Our son will be turning 13 soon. He doesn't need anything. The only thing he wants is money on his Fortnight account (ug!) We will rack our brains and think of something. Celebrating is the easy part. But are there any traditional "13th Birthday" gifts? What did yo...


How to avoid losing my daughter to her domineering fiancé?

E. P. asks from Arlington

My daughter recently turned 20 and was also recently engaged. They have only known each other for about nine months now and both lack in communication skills. They were on again / off again for the first four months of the relationship which required certain changes by...


10-year-old really sensitive to movie scenes

W. W. asks from Los Angeles

My 10-year-old son is really sensitive to certain movie scenes. If it has blood or any kind of violence or death, he gets really scared to the point of shaking. I don’t think it’s a big deal if he sticks to PG rated movies for now but all of his friends are watchin...



by Susan Feigenbaum

This email was sent to the email account I created to collect memories for my 7-yr old daughter.

Dear Evie,

Tonight as I was saying goodnight to you and Lily, Lily asked me how bedbugs get into people’s homes. In an effort to calm this latest, and admittedly most legitimate, of her many bedtime fears, I told her that Uncle Dan’s friend Jeremy is an exterminator and he’s checked our home a few times and she can rest assured that we do not have bedbugs.. and if we did, he’d come right over and kill them…. More


Getting crushes on other men while married

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

I’ve been married for 9 years and have two kids. We’ve had sex maybe 4-5 times in the last year and I half, since my second son was born. I don’t find myself that attracted to my husband anymore. I recently developed a huge crush on the guy who teaches my workout ...


Why, When & How to Toilet Train a Toddler

by Joan Lowell

Is toilet training in your near future?

You’ve survived your baby’s infancy. Congratulations! Let’s get onto those exciting toddler years, when kids are so easy to please. (Trust me!). Now let’s talk about toilet training. Spring and summer are a great time to start…. More


Is Disney Educational? Of Course It Is!

A couple years ago, there was a discussion about taking your child out of school for a trip to a
Disney theme park. Many people—mainly teachers—were complaining that parents take their children out of school as a learning experience, and that it didn’t seem like a valid excuse. Then one mom actually said that Disney was not a learning experience. I have to 110 percent disagree with Disney World not being a learning environment…. More


Question about kid hair color

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

Just wondering if anyone had a kid whose hair changed color as they got older, I.e. a blond kid who went dark brown. At what age did this happen? Just curious!


Libraries Need Love, Too!

In this day and age of computers, electronic teaching toys, and educational DVDs, public libraries may seem too old-fashioned to be of use to parents of younger children. (Or even older children, as they no longer have to go to the library to do research.) I think that is far from the truth!… More


How should I handle a situation where a married man is giving me gifts?

J. M. asks from Ann Arbor

I'm looking for some friendly and unbiased advice. I have some neighbors who are married that I like a lot, and feel like they are my friends. I'm a divorced female and have lived across the street from them for 6 years. When I'm outside and see the neighbors I visit wit...


Son says he wishes he were dead

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

My 7-year-old son was being very aggressive towards his baby brother and I yelled at him and told him to go to his room. Later, I noticed that he had written "I wish I were dead" not thinking that I would see it. I told him I was very concerned and he said he feels like ...


Does weaning affect mood?

B. A. asks from Ann Arbor

Has anyone noticed changes in mood (either positive or negative) after weaning? I'm nursing my 15-month-old before bed and in the morning and I'm thinking about weaning, just wondering what to expect.


Any advice on dealing with the silent treatment from your partner?

L. M. asks from Ypsilanti

Good morning! Has anyone had their spouse of sig other give you the silent treatment after a fight, big or small, and how did you snap them out of it or change the way they handle things? My boyfriend who is 35, goes right into his "cave" anytime he is upset or overw...